Our Success

The Wilmington Housing Partnership has found that homeownership is one of the best ways to empower communities giving them an investment in their neighborhood. Through our development of affordable homes we are transforming neighborhoods with more than bricks and mortar; we enable residents to stay committed to their community.

Brownstones – 1100 Coleman Street

WHP sought to bring a new urban appeal to the Browntown area, and support the adjacent revitalization efforts on the City of Wilmington’s Riverfront with this unique design. Once an abandoned community center, the Brownstones at Christina Overlook is a 7-unit, affordable housing project for homeownership. The townhomes contained a number of upgrades that these homeowners would not typically be able to afford such as hardwood floors, garages, pendant lighting, chair rails, and energy star appliances.

Franklin Chase -6th and Franklin Streets

Franklin Chase is the first significant Hilltop homeownership development project in decades—19 new homes emanating from the corner of 6th and Franklin Streets completed with funding from JPMorgan Chase. At the request of the local City Council Member, WHP purchased a problematic corner market. After attending community meetings, WHP decided to purchase additional homes on the block in an effort to significantly transform this “at-risk” neighborhood. The 6th and Franklin Streets corner was notorious for being one of the worst corners in the City of Wilmington. This project was completed in 2010.

Franklin Chase -6th and Franklin Streets
McCoy Plaza

As part of our Franklin Chase development, WHP re-established the original, overgrown McCoy Park to provide a distinct memorial for Sergeant McCoy: the last solider, and City of Wilmington resident, to be killed in the first Iraqi War.

Healdmont-13th and Claymont Streets

Once a dilapidated community center, the City of Wilmington demolished the property and transferred the parcels of land to WHP for development. The homes were completed and sold in 2012. The project achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) silver certification and contains an efficient design, optimized framing strategy, high efficiency plumbing, permeable landscaping, rain barrels and geothermal heating and cooling systems. The LEED components reduce the homeowners’ utility bill by 60% and provide long-term added benefits both to the homeowner and the environment as a whole.

Third Street – 1300 Block of W 3rd Street

WHP acquired the 5 parcels on the 1300 block of West 3rd Street from the City of Wilmington. The 5 homes were accidentally destroyed when a gas line was severed by a contractor. Completed in 2012, WHP constructed 4 townhomes on the site and sold for homeownership. In addition, the City of Wilmington completed a façade program on the surrounding homes. WHP’s Third Street project stands as a symbol of the rebirth of a neighborhood.

216 W 7th Street – 2 Condominium Units

The property located at 216 W 7th Street was the site of an existing townhome in deplorable condition with severe water damage. WHP transformed 216 W. 7th into 2 condominium units, sold prior to completion, with a sales price of $120,000.

Villas of Little Italy-5th and Lincoln Streets

WHP purchased the old, abandoned, and blighted DiNardo’s restaurant and the vacant lot across the street. After pre-development work and market evaluation of two related sites, WHP bought and sold the parcels to a local builder for development into market-rate housing. The project was completed in 2009 and all 7 units have been sold.

1226 West Street

At times, the Wilmington Housing Partnership will intervene and rehabilitate a home in a market-rate section of the City, and as a result, prevent the destabilization of a sound community.

The City of Wilmington purchased 1226 West Street at Sherriff’s Sale and transferred to the Wilmington Housing Partnership to rehabilitate. This deteriorated home, located in the Hercules Triangle among a reputable section of Wilmington, was structurally unsound, contained severe water damage, and was infested with pests marring the whole block. WHP gutted the entire interior of the property during restoration which was funded through the City of Wilmington’s Strategic Housing Opportunity Funds: a resource established to leverage federal monies for the purpose of improving the City’s housing stock and thereby stabilizing neighborhoods.

2700 Baynard Boulevard

At times, the Wilmington Housing Partnership will intervene and rehabilitate a home in a market-rate section of the City, and as a result, prevent the destabilization of a sound community.

In 2011, this large home was transferred from the City of Wilmington to WHP for rehabilitation. Completed and sold for homeownership in 2012.