An inflatable pool is an above-ground pool, but unlike above-ground models with metal or plastic frames, inflatable pools are made entirely of vinyl or other soft material. This makes the unfilled pool extremely light, so you can easily remove and transport it or keep it for winter. A high quality inflatable pool is very durable and it stays in place when your family is playing in the water.


Inexpensive: Building an underground pool can cost more than $ 20,000, and many permanent above-ground pools can cost a few thousand dollars. A good quality inflatable pool usually costs a few hundred dollars.

Easy to set up: an above-ground pool with a frame can take several hours, while an inflatable pool usually takes less than 45 minutes to inflate, so you can fill it with water in an hour.

Easy to move: Because an inflatable pool is easy and simple to set up, you can empty it and move it around your garden with ease. This makes it an ideal option if you rent a house because you can take the pool with you when you move. An inflatable pool is also easy to deflate and store in the garage or shed for the winter.

Easy to clean and maintain: Inflatable pools are usually made of a very easy-to-clean material. You just wipe it off when it gets dirty.



The quality of the material of an inflatable pool determines how durable and stable the pool is. For a high quality pool, look for one made from a combination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and rubber. Pools made with a few layers of PVC tend to be the most durable and stable.


After considering the material, the size of an inflatable pool is the most important consideration when trying to make sure it works well for your family. When choosing a size, remember to take into account the space the pool will take up in your garden so you can be sure you have enough space to set it up.

1 meter in diameter: Small inflatable pools are best for one or two children.

Two feet in diameter: medium-sized inflatable pools work well for a couple of children and an adult.

5 feet in diameter: Large inflatable pools can accommodate multiple children and adults, making them well-suited for the whole family.

Also pay attention to the depth of the pool. A deep inflatable pool poses the same risk of drowning for children as an underground pool.


Most inflatable pools are round or oval, but you can also find some rectangular models. Rectangular pools are ideal when your garden has limited space, while oval shapes work best when you have a narrow garden. In general, round inflatable pools take up the most space, especially if it’s a larger model.


Many inflatable pools are designed for children, so you can find models in bright colors and patterns. Some may even include your child’s favorite cartoon and movie characters. But if you are looking for an inflatable pool for the whole family, you may prefer a simpler design. There are many inflatable options in solid colors, such as blue or white.

Best inflatable pool for kids

Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool, 90″ X 86″ X 31″, for Ages 3+

  • Material Type: Plastic
  • 90″ X 86″ X 31″ H inflated; 13ga vinyl; Parents get comfy on the building bench while the little ones enjoy the water
  • 2 air chambers each with combo; Capacity 12.5″ wall height: 169gal
  • Drain plug; Repair patch

Homech Family Inflatable Swimming Pool, 120″ X 72″ X 22″ Full-Sized Inflatable

  • Spacious Play Room for Your Family: The family inflatable swimming pool can hold up to 2 adults plus 3-5 kids to enjoy a splashing pool party in the backyard
  • Durable &Long Life Span: The inflatable pool is 50% thicker than most in the market, reducing the risk of punctures ensuring a lengthy life span
  • Safe & Soft: Made with Naphthalene and Lead Free, BPA-free material( CPSIA , CPC and ASTM certificates ) the safety. Super soft inflatable floor of this inflatable family pool, as a cushion between the ground and kids , increase kid protection
  • Quick and Easy: Inflate in 3-4 minute by electric pump (not included), built-in 2 curve water valves double the drainage speed
  • Sturdy &Stable: 3 individual air chambers each with double intake and free flow exhaust valve which can withstand weight while preventing air or water leakage so the swimming pool is always ready with fun for you

Inflatable Pool, Blow Up Swim Center Family Pool for Toddlers, Kids, 118″ X 72″ X 20″, for Ages 3+, Blue

  • Family-size pool: Recommend up to 2 adults plus 4 kids to a enjoy splashing pool party in the backyard.
  • Safe & durable: Made with Phthalate and lead free, which is 50% thicker than most in the market, reducing the risk of punctures and ensuring a long service life.
  • Long waiting be gone: inflate in 3-4 minute by electric pump (not included), 2 water valves double the drainage speed
  • Strong and stable structure: 3 individual air chambers can withstand extra weight while preventing air leakage so the pool is always ready for fun
  • Vertical Drainpipe: 90° vertical drainpipe can facilitate the outflow of water.

Intex 8ft X 30in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

  • A 110-120 volt filter pump is included and is very easy to install- just hook up the hoses and enjoy clean refreshing water;Age Grading : 6+
  • Ready for water in 10 minutes, – simply spread out on level ground, inflate the top ring, fill the pool with water, and enjoy the fun!
  • Includes: SUPER-TOUGH laminated PVC sidewalls. 110 – 120 Volt Filter Pump with 330 gallon per hour flow rate. Set-up and maintenance DVD.
  • Convenient drain plug that connects to a garden hose so water can be drained away from pool or house area. Water capacity: (80%) 639 gallons.
  • New dual suction outlet fittings improve water circulation resulting in better water hygiene and clarity.
  • Do not set up the pool on sand, mud, or any soft or loose soil conditions.; No of People: 2 to 4

VIVI MAO Garden Round Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool

  • 【 Healthy & Upgraded Material 】 We ever investigated other styles of swimming pools and found that most of the swimming pools are easy to break and leak. Our backyard inflated pool is made of the latest upgraded PVC material( BPA-free, Non-toxic, Durable, Anti-aging) and that we thickened our children’s pool in order to reduce the risk of puncture and ensure a longer life.
  • 【 Soft Inflatable Floor 】Super soft inflatable floor is a protective barrier for children to play.
  • 【 User-friendly Size for Kids 】Our high quality inflatable outdoor garden deluxe family pool’s size is Diameter 51 ”(130cm)/ Height 9.8 ”(40cm),holds up to 18 gallons of water. The swimming pool is suitable for 1 – 3 children,and perfect for helping young learner and kid swimmers become independent in the water.
  • 【 Simple Construction & Save Space 】When you want to use this kids pool, the Indoor & Outdoor Pool can be inflated quickly and is very easy to set up.
  • 【 Multipurpose Family Pool 】The inflatable swimming pool for kids and toddlers can be used as a ball pit or a sandbox for kids. You can also use it as a pet house for your dog,cat,or other small animals.

Buying Guide – What is the best inflatable pool on the market?

When it comes to choosing a good and cheap inflatable pool, sometimes we are tempted to let ourselves be carried away by the image or the design, leaving aside other aspects such as the safety or resistance of the product. To avoid this type of problem, all you have to do is follow the advice in our guide to buy the best inflatable pool on the market, with the tips and ideas you need for greater safety for yourself and yours.

Measurements and dimensions

To start looking for an inflatable pool, it is convenient to take a look at the measures and dimensions of the product, which must adapt both to the space available in our home, but also to what our little ones need. Because, after all, looking for a large, deep pool for a baby may not be the best decision.

Thus, within any comparison of inflatable pools that we want to buy, it is necessary to take into account what the specific measures are, both for the users of the same and for that available space. The good news is that the current offer is so wide that, today, it is easy to find all kinds of products adapted to the space and format that suit us best.

As a last important aspect, we must not forget to review the actual dimensions of the product, beyond the measurements of the equipment itself, as well as the size of the working space that often does not coincide with the interior space of the pool. And do not forget to also see the thickness of the walls, which although they are an extra for safety, they also make a difference in interior and exterior space when evaluating the measurements of the pool.

Security and resistance

Although it’s something we’ve already outlined, a good, inexpensive pool should always be safe. Something to which it helps us to adjust the measures of the same to the age of the users, according to the recommended age of the product. But we must also consider other important elements of the product, which are what we are going to see next.

For the pool to be safe, its materials must be. Materials that must have the necessary resistance to prevent, for example, it from puncturing and draining air suddenly. To avoid this, it is important to choose products that have a double security camera system, so that if one is punctured, the other will keep the shape and not cause the pool to collapse.

On the other hand, it is also important that this material is safe to rub, so that it does not cause problems such as chafing and the like during the process of using the pool. And of course, the material must be resistant, so that it supports the possible bumps and scratches that it takes during use, thus prolonging the useful life of the product. In short, a question to be evaluated in depth, beyond what the product recommendations tell us.

Pool accessories

To finish our selection process for an inflatable pool, we are going to talk about something more fun such as the shapes and accessories of the pool that we are evaluating. Every day we find more advanced models in terms of format, so we no longer talk about the traditional donut for the little ones, but include elements typical of a fun water park.

Among these elements we can find slides, palm trees and other elements, which inflate while the main structure of the pool swells. The good news is that these elements have the same quality as the main structure of the product, so fun and safety are guaranteed. In this category we also find elements such as showers or sprinklers that, simply by connecting them with a hose, allow us to go one step further in this conversion from pool to water park.

The last line that we are seeing in the market are the accessories that are accompanied independently of the product. Accessories among which we can find plastic balls, which help us to convert the inflatable pool into a conventional play pool when summer ends. We also find inflatable accessories, especially in themed models, and other additional elements such as showers, for example, to make the game fun. An extra that although it is not the main question and does not influence how much the product costs, if it is worth taking a look.

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