The RISE Program

Residential Improvement Stabilization Effort (RISE)
Strategic Plan

In 2004, the Wilmington Housing Partnership (WHP), working with the City of Wilmington, Delaware (City) and the research firm Kise, Straw and, Kolodner of Philadelphia, PA, developed a neighborhood classification system for the City based on neighborhood conditions. Areas were classified as “Stable”, “At-Risk”, or “Redevelopment”. In years past, the City’s housing and community development programs have focused on efforts to improve the most deteriorated areas of the City which required significant public funds generating little private investment interest. Little attention had been focused on other areas of the City which exhibit some symptoms of decline, but which also still have a viable housing stock and a high level of owner occupancy-these areas became known as the “At-Risk” sections of the City. The health of the City of Wilmington depends on the strength of these neighborhoods.

WHP has focused our attention on halting further deterioration in these At-Risk neighborhoods by leveraging private, state, and federal funds while encouraging private market reinvestment. As a result of our focus on these communities, the Residential Improvement and Stabilization Effort (RISE) initiative was born and remains concentrated on six, At-Risk target reinvestment areas with the following goals.

At-Risk Neighborhood Target Areas

  • Browntown/Hedgeville
  • East Side
  • Northeast
  • Southbridge
  • West Center City
  • West Side

RISE Goals

  • Increase affordable homeownership in the City of Wilmington.
  • Raise property values.
  • Entice private investment.
  • Reduce blight in six targeted At-Risk sections in the City.
  • Partner with non-profit and private developers.
  • Increase private investment.

In operation for over 10 years, RISE has proven to be an effective tool for creating affordable homeownership opportunities in the City of Wilmington, stabilizing At-Risk neighborhoods, and providing hope for prospective, low to moderate median income homebuyers.

Since the inception of the RISE strategic plan, WHP has built, rehabilitated and sold 255 homeownership units raising over 11 million dollars.